This Isn’t Goodbye: The 57th New York Film Festival

“Vitalina Varela” (Pedro Costa, 2019)

Old hands (Pedro Costa, Albert Serra, Bertrand Bonello) provided the standout works at the 57th New York Film Festival — Kent Jones’ last as festival director.

My report for Kinoscope.

Amidst a Global Crisis, Stories of Refugees Striving for Normalcy

From “Bitter Bread” (image courtesy New York Film Festival)

Abbas Fahdel returns to documentary with Bitter Bread (2019), which premiered at the 57th New York Film Festival, got scant attention, and is still in need of US distribution at the time of this writing. Impeccably crafted, the movie is the flip side to Fahdel’s sprawling five-hour Homeland: Iraq Year Zero (2015) and deserves more eyeballs.

My review for Hyperallergic.

Safe Space: An Interview with ‘Queen of Lapa’ Directors Theodore Collatos and Carolina Monnerat

Luana Muniz in “Queen of Lapa”

For Vague Visages, I spoke with filmmakers Theodore Collatos and Carolina Monnerat about Queen of Lapa (2019), their latest documentary on Brazilian trans sex worker Luana Muniz and the hostel she ran in Rio de Janeiro.